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Health Care

Welcome to JME Design, your premier partner in innovative healthcare food service design. Specializing in operational functionality and space optimization, we boost productivity and enrich the dining experience. We collaborate closely with our clients to meet their specific requirements, focusing on workflow, equipment positioning, and personnel efficiency. Our proficient designers craft kitchen layouts that facilitate smooth operations, paying meticulous attention to every detail of the food production process. We adeptly utilize available space, ensuring efficient traffic flow, strategic seating, and excellent accessibility, enhancing patient dining areas, retail operations, and boutique restaurants.

By leveraging space optimization, we amplify capacity, increase client satisfaction, and foster a positive dining ambiance. We marry functionality with aesthetics, producing designs that resonate with your brand ethos. Lighting, color schemes, and decor are fine-tuned to ensure your spaces are not only efficient but visually stimulating and conducive to relaxation. With JME Design, you'll witness your healthcare food service operations transform into highly efficient and visually enticing environments. Contact us today to discover how our cutting-edge solutions can refine your operational workflows, maximize space utilization, and deliver an unparalleled dining experience to your patients, staff, and visitors.

Hotels, Resorts, & Conference Centers

Welcome to JME Design, a provider of outstanding food service design solutions, customized for the hotel, resort, and convention center sector. Our designs play an instrumental role in providing an enriching dining experience for guests, creating spaces that enhance their overall stay or event. We work closely with our clients, creating restaurants, cafes, and bars that perfectly mirror the establishment's unique brand identity. Our careful attention to details, whether it's interior decor, ambiance, menu development, or culinary offerings, ensures that each dining venue has a distinctive atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

For convention centers, we are adept at creating adaptable dining spaces that can efficiently cater to large-scale events, ensuring smooth operations even during the busiest times. From food courts and buffet stations to upscale banquet halls, we provide layouts that optimize flow and capacity. Our designs prioritize both functionality and aesthetics, with a focus on enhancing guest satisfaction and loyalty. Contact JME Design today to explore how we can transform your establishment into a culinary hotspot that exceeds guest expectations.

Gaming Hospitality

JME Design, your trusted partner in food service design, is specialized in creating exceptional dining experiences for the dynamic gaming and hospitality sector. We understand that the design of food service areas significantly influences guest satisfaction and revenue. From casual dining options to upscale restaurants, we create spaces that complement the gaming floor's excitement, carefully considering guest flow, spatial organization, and thematic elements. Our team collaborates closely with clients to align design with their brand identity and overall gaming experience.

For the hospitality sector, we design food service areas that surpass guest expectations, ranging from luxurious hotels and resorts to cruise ships. We work hand-in-hand with hospitality professionals, creating restaurants, bars, and banquet facilities that offer both visual appeal and operational efficiency. Our innovative and customized solutions maximize operational efficiency, optimize space utilization, and create visually appealing dining environments that resonate with each establishment's unique atmosphere. Contact JME Design today and discover how our food service design expertise can enhance your gaming or hospitality venue's success.


JME Design is a leader in providing innovative food service design solutions for educational institutions. Our designs consider the unique requirements of university dining facilities, K-12 schools, and other educational settings, ensuring the creation of exceptional dining experiences. For university dining facilities, we work closely with administrators, chefs, and students, designing spaces that promote healthy eating habits and foster community. For K-12 schools, we design inviting dining areas that cater to students of different age groups and support large-scale meal preparation. In other educational institutions, we consider safety guidelines and age-appropriate considerations, ensuring seamless flow from food preparation to service.

At JME Design, we understand the crucial role of dining in educational settings. Our designs contribute to students' well-being and academic success by focusing on equipment layout, menu design, and operational flow. Contact us today to discover how our food service design expertise can enhance your educational institution's dining experience.

Dining Experiences

JME Design specializes in crafting remarkable dining experiences across various establishments in the dining sector, including restaurants, food courts, markets, and quick-service restaurants. Our comprehensive approach considers equipment layout, menu design, and operational flow. For restaurants, we design functional and visually appealing spaces, focusing on strategic equipment layout and innovative menu designs.

For food courts, we consider the specific needs of each vendor to create harmonious and engaging environments. In markets, we design immersive and functional spaces, collaborating with vendors for efficient stall layouts and enticing menu designs. In quick-service restaurants, we prioritize speed and efficiency, focusing on streamlined equipment layout and fast order processing. Our designs promote easy customer flow and provide convenient pickup options.

At JME Design, we integrate all these factors to create inviting and functional spaces that optimize efficiency and enhance guest satisfaction. Contact us today to explore how our food service design expertise can transform your establishment into a delightful dining destination.

Sports & Entertainment

Welcome to JME Design, a premier food service designer specializing in the sports and entertainment sector. Our designs cater to various venues such as stadiums, arenas, theaters, playhouses, country clubs, and sporting clubs. We excel in designing innovative concession areas in stadiums and arenas that efficiently handle large crowds, ensuring a positive guest experience. Our expert team carefully plans the layout, focusing on strategic flow patterns, technology integration, and diverse food options to maximize speed of service and customer satisfaction.

For theaters, playhouses, and country clubs, we create elegant dining spaces that complement the arts and leisure experiences, fostering an environment that enhances the overall enjoyment of patrons. In sporting clubs, we design versatile dining areas that facilitate community and camaraderie. Our designs take into account factors such as team branding, member preferences, and operational efficiency to create environments that offer memorable experiences for all. Contact JME Design today to discover how our innovative food service designs can enhance your sports and entertainment venue, delivering unforgettable dining experiences.

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