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Food Service Design

JME Design is a renowned industry leader in the realm of food service design. We've worked with an extensive array of sectors, including hospitality, sports and entertainment, dining, and education. Our primary mission is to create unforgettable and satisfying dining experiences that captivate the customer's senses. We design functional spaces that exude visual appeal and deliver comfort. Every aspect, including the layout planning, is meticulously handled.

We strategically place kitchen equipment and workstations to ensure smooth operations. We cater to various spaces from exclusive restaurants to buzzing food courts and large-scale dining facilities in educational institutions. We effectively balance aesthetics with operational efficiency to create a harmonious atmosphere that increases your bottom line. We prioritize critical elements like customer flow, seating arrangements, operational requirements, and menu design to craft a comprehensive food service design solution. With our unparalleled expertise and innovative approach, we aim to revolutionize your establishment's dining experience and maximize its potential.

Concept Development

Our foodservice concept development at JME Design involves in-depth collaboration with our clients. We strive to bring your unique vision to life by creating a captivating and marketable food service concept that echoes your brand's identity. To develop a resonating concept, we dive deep into understanding your brand story, target demographics, and the latest market trends. Our team curates every detail of your concept development from menu innovation to interior decor and ambiance, ensuring that your establishment stands out in a highly competitive food service industry.

Our commitment is to provide an immersive dining experience that captivates your guests, heightening their anticipation, and increasing their loyalty. We take pride in translating your vision into a compelling reality that keeps your guests returning for more.


Master planning is one of JME Design’s flagship services, offering comprehensive strategic guidance for your food service establishment's future growth and expansion. Whether you're in the initial stages of planning a new establishment or considering the redevelopment of an existing one, our team offers comprehensive master plans. We incorporate elements like space planning, equipment needs, dining capacity, and growth projections to formulate a future-ready plan.

Our plans are flexible and scalable, designed to adapt and grow with your business. From detailed site evaluation to phased development plans, our master planning service aligns your current needs with your future aspirations. We ensure that you have a robust plan that leaves no room for uncertainty and prepares you for a successful future.

3D Rendering & Video Support

At JME Design, we leverage advanced technology to bring our designs to life through 3D walkthroughs and video support. This innovative service allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual environment and visualize our proposed designs before the actual implementation.

Our 3D walkthroughs offer a detailed virtual tour of your future food service area, helping you understand the layout, space utilization, and overall aesthetics in a realistic setting. Beyond that, we also offer video support, showcasing operational procedures and how new equipment should be used. This visually engaging approach enhances communication, facilitates decision-making, and ensures a smooth transition during the implementation phase. Our technology-based solutions are designed to bridge the gap between concept and reality, providing you with a tangible vision of your future establishment.

Operational Development / Consulting

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Operational Development / Consulting

JME Design's operational development and consulting service aims to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of your food service operations. We provide invaluable insights into optimal kitchen design, equipment selection, and workflow planning, ensuring your operations are smooth from food preparation to service. Our consulting team is committed to working hand in hand with your staff, providing necessary training and operational support to maximize productivity and promote a high-functioning work environment.

Beyond the operational aspect, we offer professional advice on cost control, menu pricing, and quality assurance measures, ensuring that your establishment not only delivers fantastic culinary experiences but also achieves excellent financial performance. By partnering with us, you're assured of streamlined operations, reduced waste, and improved financial results.

Laundry Services & Waste Management


Laundry Services & Waste Management

In addition to our core services in food service design, JME Design offers a specialized laundry service consulting service. We understand that efficient laundry service is a crucial element in establishments like hotels, resorts, and educational institutions. We provide tailor-made solutions to optimize your laundry operations, increase productivity, and maintain impeccable quality standards. We advise on best practices, equipment selection, space layout, and operational procedures, helping you manage this critical service efficiently and sustainably.

With our expertise in laundry services, you can provide timely, high-quality laundry services to your guests or residents, further enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty to your establishment.

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