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JME Design is a leading hospitality design consultant.

Founded in 1989, JME Design (formerly JME Hospitality) has designed more than 4,000 hospitality projects since our inception. Founder and President John Egnor shares a vision of aligning hospitality design and operations to help foodservice facility owners, operators, and development professionals maximize profitability and customer experience.  Whether your space is 750 square feet or 75,000 square feet, we have worked with business owners to deliver customized solutions based on their needs.

Over the years, our work on notable projects has been featured in numerous publications.  The breadth and depth of our teams’ design abilities is quantified by the fact that our projects are responsible for over $100 million worth of foodservice equipment annually.

JME Design has extensive experience designing hospitality, food service, laundry and waste management spaces across a wide spectrum of industries.  Our partners operate restaurants and other hospitality operations at:

Our Company Culture / The JME Philosophy

Why is JME Hospitality different from other foodservice design firms? It is actually quite simple, we're different because of The JME Design Philosophy. Our success in foodservice design is based on the application of creative vision coupled with practical experience. The tenets of our philosophy are:

  • Always keep an open and inquiring mind;
  • Seek detailed knowledge of the entire project;
  • Apply targeted creativity; and
  • Follow up constantly during implementation and after completion.

Targeted creativity is the marriage of creative vision and practical experience. Creativity is supported by knowing the basics of good design.

John Egnor and the JME design team take a consultative approach to every aspect of a project. No matter what the project scope – new build, redesign or refresh – or the foodservice segment, JME works to identify and define the client’s desired outcome. This guides every stage from concept to completion.

Experience is by itself an important differentiating factor for JME’s business, but the JME philosophy is the driving force behind the success of every client’s design project. Our philosophy comes from years of experience.

Originally founded as JEM Associates in 1990, the company grew into a broad-based hospitality company. We repositioned the company as JME Hospitality in 2016 to better reflect the scope of the business and the expertise of the team. John has more than 45 years of experience in design and construction, while the team has in excess of 150 years of combined industry experience. These experiences have led to the successful completion of more than 4,000 design projects.

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